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4.5meters auto + semi auto 2 in 1 portable car tent | October 2017 Shenzhen Gift Show

Created on:2017/10/28 15:35

We mainly introduce 4.5meters car umbrella and outdoor tripod.  

Fully protect your car with our Mynew portable car tent.  

We help to solve the worry of hot in summer and the Fallen leaves. 

With our fully care in the industry design, bringing you the best experience.




Many customers have the questions as below: How to protect the car against sun in summer ?

What we can do when the temperature is very high in summer ? 

Do you know the effect of harmful gases inside the car when hot summer. 

Our Mynew Portable Car Tent solve all these problems.


First of all, The Umbrella cloth is made of 210D cloth with high-density insulation and double silver plastic coating. 

It can effectively block the heat and ultraviolet rays after prolonged exposure. And they can’t lead to driving room. 

Measured data show that It has more than 35 degree difference inside of driving room between with our car umbrella and without it.


And then,

1  Sunlight will be reflected out with the action of Insulation silver plastic on the car umbrella cloth. It prevent the sun heat pass through the car tent.

2  Air is ventilated between the tent and the car, heat will not transmitted into the car even if the tent surface temperature increase.


With a covered area of 4.5m * 2.3m, our car umbrella completely obstruct the car body, 

which can protect the car from leaves and deciduous branches, bird drooping, dust, acid rain and so on.


Will it be blown away?


Double Wind-proof Design

The First Protection: The six windproof ropes with buttons in the four corners ensured the stability of the car umbrella.


The Second Protection:

The half fixed connection between tarp and the skeleton prevent the skeleton from damage, 

when the wind forces reach level 5, buttons will release automatically, tent and skeleton separated.


Will it be taken away by other people easily?

There are steel wire inside the Anti-theft wire, I can’t be cut easily. 

It is easy to be operated, just put the anti-theft rope into the car door then lock the door, It will be working well.